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AdFinder 1.5 – Find Every Ad on Facebook In Minutes

What Can You Do With Adfinder?

  • Spy On Your Competition

    Find ALL your competitors ads on Facebook… Even the dark posts. Nothing can hide from Adfinder

  • Generate Ideas

    Search your niche for new ideas that are hot sellers

  • Spot New Trends Quickly

    Find hot trends and see exactly what’s working to sell to them.

  • Discover New Niches

    Search through niche lists to find new rabid niches to market to

  • Research Lightning Fast

    Adfinder runs on top of your browser so you can run search after search at lightning speed.

  • Use Your Favorite Browser

    Adfinder is a native application for Windows or Mac and works with your default browser. You’re not tied to Chrome.

  • Search Your Friends Posts

    If you’ve got marketer friends, you’ll be able to specifically search for posts they’ve liked and shared so you can see exactly what they’re up to.

  • Search By Date Ranges

    Find ads run in the last minute, last week, last month or even last year.

  • Find Dark Posts

    The instant a dark post is liked or shared, Adfinder will find it. Ads have nowhere to hide

  • Find Every Product

    Sure, Adfinder can find t-shirts and hoodies, but it can also find jewelry, ebooks, electronics and more. Any product you can think of can be uncovered.

  • Buying Keyword Based Searches

    Adfinder searches by keyword so when you use words like “limited edition” or “click here”, Adfinder reveals products being sold that you’d never even think of.

  • Finds Ads With Cloaked Links

    Advertisers can’t use cloaked links or redirects to hide from Adfinder. It finds every ad.


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