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Answer Swipe

The leader in Yahoo Answers marketing software, and making money with Yahoo Answers.

Answer Swipe was created to integrate with and automate the usage of Yahoo Answers thus reducing the time taken to generate traffic and leads. Similarly, the SEO benefit though, indirect is huge. Not familiar with Yahoo Answers? No problem! Y! Answers is the biggest question/answer website in the world, averaging close to 50 million visitors per month. What if you could target a percentage of that traffic? It would be amazing, right! Answer Swipe lets you do just that, in minutes!

– Socket based system. No more browser lag!
– Automatic account creation (no proxy support required)
– Automatic account rotation
– Account checking features (levels, points, best answers)
– Support for ALL Yahoo Answers countries (13 in total)
– Best answer voting/selection
– Decaptcher / DeathByCaptcha support
– Spintax support and Variable support (variate your messages)
– Automatic temp data / cookie clearing + higher anonymity
– Embedded browser for tracking
– Proxy tester + proxy rotation features
– Lightweight, requires no installation and no SQL dependency.
– Lifetime. That’s right. No monthly fees.

..And much much more.


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