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Answereye Ultimate Elite 5.5.1

Yahoo!Answers is so popular and so good to get traffic and sales. Answereye Elite was the best tool to get traffic from yahoo!answers, and it is still good.

But after these big updates, Yahoo is much smarter to detect Posting from software and ban the suspicious acounts that. So, now we need a much better software to fit these yahoo’s updates and continue to dominate Yahoo!Answers!

Answereye Ultimate comes for this…

Scrape, Check, Ping, Post

Why Answereye Ultimate is the Best ?

  • Answereye Ultimate is designed base on the newest updates of yahoo and also integrate the advantage of the old Yahoo!Answers tools at the same time.
  • It has the multi-thread account creator and perfect account manager to avoid your accounts got banned.
  • It has a smart vote system to help your accounts to upgrade to level 2 accounts safely.
  • It is designed very well to manage and run multi-campaign at the same time very easily.
  • Much more…

What does Answereye Ultimate can do?

There are so many good and new functions, we just list some most important functions we think here>>

  • Get great targeted traffic and make money for you  🙂
  • Multi-Threads to create accounts, answer questions, post questions, vote and so on. All can be multi-threads
  • Register and save accounts with proxy, later use same proxy to do other operation like answer question, vote, etc.(This will protect your account got banned very well)
  • Different account can bind with different proxy and use the proxy all the time.
  • Auto-Vote function to upgrade your accounts to level 2 safely and easily.
  • Manage and run multi-campaign at the same time.
  • All-round statistics system to save and view your campaign running results.
  • All basic functions like in old Answereye (Batch-post answers and questions, Select best answer, Question search, Real-time question watch, Real-time question answer, vote, etc.)
  • Auto-spin your answer with SpinnerChief API
  • Auto-Captcha Solving.

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