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Auto Facebook Marketer Bot 1.6

Auto Facebook Marketer Bot v1.6

Auto Facebook Marketer Bot v1.6

… It’s like having your own personal slave robot that relentlessly markets your site or products on Facebook, gaining YOU huge exposure while building YOU lazer targeted leads lists, driving floods of viral traffic and earning YOU cold, hard CASH, all on AUTOPILOT.

There are many proven ways to market your business on Facebook like:
– Searching for people who could be potentially interested in your niche and becoming “friends” with them.
– Posting Status Updates about your business to gain exposure and get more traffic.
– Sending messages or posting on your friends’ walls, about your business, to get viral traffic to your links.
– Joining as many Groups as you can that are related to your niche.
– Creating your own Facebook Pages related to your niche and marketing to it.
– Posting messages and joining discussions on these Groups and Pages to get more traffic and exposure.
– And making sure you do this consistently day in and day out to build your business.

I created an all-in-one Auto Facebook Marketing software solution for you, that can quickly and easily benefit your business for increased profits.
Yes, I created a powerful new software tool that will market and promote your business, websites, products and offers HANDS FREE!
You simply press a few buttons and sit back and watch as the software keeps on doing all your marketing tasks on Facebook on autopilot.
You can set it and forget it, or go sleep while the software generates you leads and cash day in and day out.


Some of the awesome list building and marketing features and benefits of this software:

 Searches recent status posts of ALL facebook users for specific phrase and capture their IDs in a file. [Target any niche.]

 Use this list of targeted users ID’s and MESSAGE them directly with spinnable text. [direct promotion of your offers or invite to your page.]

 Use this list of targeted user ID’s and “Friend” them automatically. [build a targeted list of friends that you can promote to]

More features and benefits:

 Searches for and automatically Joins Groups related to a specific keywordphrase/s, countries, citys etc.

 Searches for and automatically Likes Pages related to a specific keyword phrase/s, countries, city’s etc.

 Searches for and automatically Friends People related to a specific keyword phrase/s, countries, city’s etc.

 Automatically posts any message (can use spin-tax) to all Groups you belong to. [quickly build exposure or promote your links]

 Automatically posts any message (can use spin-tax) to all your Facebook Pages. [Updates your pages with marketing messages ultra quickly and hands free]

 Automatically posts any message (can use spin-tax) on many of your Friends’ walls for big exposure and viral traffic as all their friends will see your message as well.

Afraid that Facebook will flag or block your account?

  Can use proxy list with software..
  Can set time delays for all messages and requests, so that Facebook doesn’t see your activity as spamming.
  Can use manual modes as well.


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