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Automate Book 2.6

Feature : 
  •  Self updating software making it easy for us to fix and deploy new features
  •  Intuitive user interface to make it easy to understand how it works
  •  Clean your wall posts and timline using date range
  •  Use V.I.P Spy to monitor activites of your friends
  •  A photo manager to help you download albums automatically
  •  See all commments and likes made between people
  •  Scan your entire profile and see who engages with your profile more
  •  Automatically delete posts , comments or likes made by any of your friends
  •  See in a tabular form all your birthday wishers and the messages etc
  •  Automatically send birthday messages to your friends on their birthday
  •  Track any of your friends and be the first to know when their relationship change
  •  Know when any of your friends has a mutual crush with you
  •  Find and add new friends based on age, location, city etc
  •  Many more features being added all the time

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