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Finding quality backlinks for your site that provide both trust and traffic is arguably one of the most important things you can do to improve your site’s chances for success (connecting with buyers that want your stuff)


Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most boring and time consuming tasks you can under take which is why so many people look for the quick and easy way out (buying links, spamming blogs, build link networks)


Plus, it’s not really easy or intuitive to get all the data you need in one place.


Adequately performing backlink research in today’s SEO world often finds you with a whole lot of manual work on your hands consisting of numerous tools, scripts, services and spreadsheets all hacked together to form an unwieldy, inefficient backlink research solution.


If your desktop ever looks like the screenshot above, you know what a time consuming and sometimes frustrating experience it can be to sort, combine and filter all the data your uncover using your various tools and scripts.


See if this sounds familiar:  Have you ever found yourself with multiple spreadsheets open from all the exported data you’ve collected from half a dozen tools and services spending literally hours trying to compile a “Master” spreadsheet. 



Then somewhere along the line you forget if you’ve copied and pasted data from point x to point y to point z and you end up starting the whole process over again?


If this is you, then like me you know this is insane.  Backlink research should not take your entire day!


Checkout the chart below, detailing the dozens of metrics you can research for a set of backlinks from a single domain!


  Chances are, after taking a look at this list of metrics above you already know that you would never spend all the time required to pinpoint the data for all these metrics.  It would literally take you all day to uncover all of this information.

But what if instead of spending 5-8 hours of your day researching backlinks you could get all of this data by inputting nothing more than the domain you want to analyze and then clicking a button?


Oh , and be done is less than 45 minutes!*

 *(Scanning 1000 Backlinks For All 30+ Metrics With 50 Threads Takes 35-45 Minutes…proxies suggested for some but not all metrics)

For all the reasons stated above, I sought to create the ultimate solution to taming the beast that is real in-depth actionable backlink research.


The result: Backlink Miner.

With Backlink Miner you can quickly and easily research any domain you want automatically, freeing you up to do other things while the data is being collected. (This is the “make your day longer” part from above…obviously you don’t get more hours in the day but you free up more time to focus on other things and get more done)

No babysitting multiple programs.   No logging in to multiple services.

Just select the data you want to collect, input the domain to analyze and click “start” that’s all there is too it.

Once the data is collected you are free to sort and filter it any way you want.  Even export it to Excel to apply your own data analysis tweaks.  All from one centralized easy to use spreadsheet.

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