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Backlink Refresh SEO Edition 1.4


Configurable Searches

BacklinkRefresh contains a variety of search settings, allowing you to locate fresh and relevant backlinks. You can also select from a variety of engines, ranging from CommentLuv, Forums, vBulletin, and more. BacklinkRefresh also supports adding your own engines to customize backlink searches.

After searching, export your backlinks to a local HTML web page, text file, or comma-delimited CSV Excel spreadsheet. Use the exported file to submit your blog comments and track results.

Saving Backlink Reports (HTML5, TXT, or CSV)

BacklinkRefresh HTML reports come packed with the power of HTML5. This allows you to track your backlinks in a local HTML file, click on links to open each site in a new window, and leave notes on each backlink – right in the HTML file! Track your backlink submissions by pasting a copy of each comment in the note field next to each link. Use the saved file to re-visit the sites and verify results. The exported links give you the power to perform the backlink submissions over time or even to send to an outsourcer or friend. Reports can also be saved in text or csv spreadsheet format.


For those looking for finer grained control over the search results, BacklinkRefresh provides a custom engine configuration feature for creating your own backlink searches in the software.

By default, the software comes with engines to search for CommentLuv, Forums, and vBulletin blog pages with your desired keyword. You can extend this functionality by adding your own engines. Simply open the install folder (/Program Files/BacklinkRefresh/engines) and copy one of the engines .txt files as a template to create your own. After creating the new engine, restart BacklinkRefresh, start a search, and find the new engine displayed in the drop-down selection for “Backlink Engine”.

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