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Bulk YouTube Video Downloader 1.2


Bulk YouTube Video Downloader is your simple and fast solution for downloading 1000’s of targeted YouTube videos!
Bulk YouTube Video Downloader allows you download YouTube videos in bulk! Simply enter your search term/s and exclusion term/s, set the requested video quality, and start the process! Videos will be downloaded into your requested download directory.
  • Allows you to targeted YouTube Videos in bulk!
  • Allows you to target specific videos and exclude others using multiple search terms.
  • Set your maximum video quality setting. This will cap all downloaded videos at this quality.
  • Intelligent partial video download and renaming system.
  • Intelligent options of what to do if you already have the video downloaded
  • Multi-threaded application architecture. No frozen windows with real-time fast results!
  • Automatically renames videos based on the YouTube Video title.
  • Optional proxy support to ensure added anonymity
  • Intelligent proxy recycling to maximize efficient proxy management


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