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Captcha Infinity Standard v0.4.0.3

Captcha Infinity Standard v0.4.0.2

Captcha Infinity reduces the need to pay for captcha solving services such as decapther and death by captcha.

If you use any of the popular automated tool  such as, but not limited to:

– Seo Link Robot

– Document Marketing Robot

– Scrape Box

– SeNuxe

Infinity which currently solves over 41 kinds of different CAPTCHA’s and has a 83% success rate with a recent test on over 10.000 CAPTCHA Images.


V4.0.2 :

This update fixes many captcha solving errors and overall stability of the software.
A new error handling feature has been implemented that will easily allow you to send an error report to the developer if a problem should come up.


Then chances are you will be using a decaptcha service such as De-Captcher of DeathByCaptcha. Now, don’t get me wrong… these services are vital and work very well but you’ll find yourself paying around $4/1000 images which adds up QUICK if you actually use the software.

It seems silly to me that you have to continuously pay a fee for solving the CAPTCHA and can’t just buy a program that does it for you effectively.

I’ve always imagined a product that would solve CAPTCHA without any recurring fees and all you had to pay was one small time payment.

I’m a software engineer at heart and have spent a few months developing this awesome desktop software that is going to change the way we look at CAPTCHA decoding!

I always aim to make products that speed up processes and cut costs, and this is EXACTLY what this product does.

Captchalnfinity helps to reduce that high costs of working with popular softwares such as scrapebox, senukex etc. It’s important to have some CAPTCHA solving service linked to the product, but it shouldn’t have to be so expensive!

With just one small cost you will have access to Captcalnfinity which currently solves over 50 kinds of different CAPTCHA’s and has a 83% success rate with a recent test on over 10,000 CAPTCHA Images.

Now, the whole reason I launched this product is so simplify things, so having a long drawn out sales copy would just be counter productive, so here are 6 KEY features that sum up my software!


  • Solves UNLIMITED Captcha’s in One Time Payment
  • Works with ANY software that use or DeathByCaptcha services
  •  Very easy to use, proper video setup is provided.
  • Proxy Scraper module: It would help user to gain 1000′s of working proxies in no time.
  • Support Win32 and 64 with .NET framework.
  • If selected, user can pass the ‘unsolved’ CAPTCHA to de-capcther or deathbycaptcha in case Cl failed to solve it in predefined time.

Screenshots of the software in action:


  • Simply install the software
  • Start the software up
  • Within your software set the decaptcha type ‘death by captcher’
  • Click the ‘show credit/test’ in your software and it will show a value $100
  • That’s you all done

Download Link:

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