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Content Revenge 2.01

Panda Safe

Panda Safe

Content Revenge has been heavily tested for the last 9 months during Google’s latest Panda update & we’ve found our content has not only withstood Panda, but has actually increased in rank and number of indexed pages per site.

3 Simple Steps

3 Simple Steps

  • Simply paste in your keywords
  • Select a starting post date
  • Click “Generate” & BAM you’re done!

SEO Optimized

SEO OptimizedWe went to great lengths to ensure each page created by Content Revenge is highly optimized for SEO. Each page layout is random to minimize footprints along with relevant images with keyword optimized alt tags. All done on the fly!

WordPress Plugin

WordPress PluginBecause Content Revenge was built as a WordPress plugin, you can now quickly publish relevant, instant content on your WordPress blog with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

Scheduled Content

Scheduled ContentContent Revenge posts are scheduled to look natural to the search engines. All you have to do is select a single start date and it will drip feed your posts at a random daily rate. Need content Faster? Back date your starting point and Content Revenge will do the rest.

Document Content

Document ContentContent Revenge uses a sophisticated API to pull documents from across the web which are only related to your page keyword. These documents are selected using our own algorithm to ensure relevancy and page uniqueness. So, not only are the pages generated on the fly, they also provide your visitors with great value.


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