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Content Spiffer 1.4.2

Introducing the Content Spiffer

As you know, these days it is more important than ever to have unique content with related media and authority links. Content Spiffer mixes content and adds HTML, BBCode or Wiki Markup for links, images and videos to text files in bulk. It is the ultimate tool for blending content together to make your articles more unique, and “spiffing them up” with links, images and videos!

Content Spiffer makes it easy to assign lists of URLs (along with anchors or ALT tags) for links, images and videos to individual folders of text files. This allows you to control insertion patterns AND keep your links, images and videos themed to the content you are adding them to – even if you’re dealing with thousands of articles and tens of thousands of URL and keyword combinations!

Link/Image/Video Insertion
  • Randomly inserts URLs from lists into articles.
  • Random URL & keyword selection is balanced to avoid redundancy.
  • Supports HTML, BBCode and Wiki Markup.
  • Pattern controls let you determine how and where elements are inserted.
  • Pattern rulesets are saved for use in future projects.
  • Helps keep inserted elements themed to content by pairing URL lists with article directories.
  • Can insert single elements, or multiple elements in spintax format.
  • Title Preservation option to keep article titles intact.

Content Blender

  • 4 Different methods of blending.
  • Randomly blends all articles within a directory.
  • Blend an unlimited number of article directories at once.
  • Preserves HTML and Spintax.
  • Spintax validator for checking spintax integrity before and after blending articles.
  • Title Preservation option to keep article titles intact.
  • Can output all blended articles to a single file (Spintax optional).

Insert Links, Images and Videos

Inserting HTML, Wiki Markup or BBCode for Links, Images and Videos into your articles works by grouping you URL & keyword lists, pattern rulesets and article directories into projects. A project can have unlimited directories. Each directory is assigned 1 image ruleset, 1 video ruleset, 1 link ruleset and unlimited URL lists.


Rulesets have 5 groups of rules for how and where the URLs should be inserted:
  • Number of Images/Vidoes/Links inserted per article
  • ALT Tag/Anchor Text and HTML Tag Settings
  • URL & anchor/keyword Spinning
  • Distribution Settings
  • Placement Settings
URL & Anchor/Keyword Lists
URL lists are simple .txt files, containing one URL and unlimited pipe separated keywords (for links) or ALT tags (for images). Your lists can contain as many URL & keywords as you need. Each line contains 1 entry in the following pipe separated formats:The URL can be a full or partial URL (or anything else for that matter). After the URL, use pipes to separate alt/anchor texts to use with that URL (does not apply to videos). The use of alt and anchor text is optional, but generally recommended.

Blend Content

Content Spiffer can mix an unlimitted number of articles together. Blending is done separately from the projects used to add links, images and videos. All you have to do to blend articles is select an article directory (or multiple directories, which will be blended separately), pick a blending method and hit the button!

Blending Methods

The Blender has 4 different methods:
Shuffle Paragraphs – This method simply swaps paragraphs out between articles (each line is considered a “paragraph”).
Splice Paragraphs – This method takes the first half of a paragraph and exchanges it with the first half a paragraph from another article, resulting in mixed paragraphs.
Shuffle Sentences – This method swaps individual sentences out between articles.
Splice Paragraphs – This method takes the first half of a sentence and exchanges it with the first half a sentence from another article, resulting in mixed sentences.



Blending Spun Content

The blender can work with spun content, too! However, it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind when blending spun content. Blender can only preserve spintax if ALL the articles being blended have valid spintax. Having just one article with broken spintax will start a chain reaction of bad spintax being propogated!To help prevent that one missing bracket from corrupting an entire batch of articles, Content Spiffer features a “Validate Spintax” button within the content blender. It checks each and can quarantine any that having mismatched spintax brackets.

Future Editions

This program will soon be updated with some changes and additional features, based on user feedback. Existing customers will be notified of updates when they become available. Any updates containing fixes or improvements on existing functions will be made available to existing customers free of charge. Existing customers will also be able to apply past purchases as credits to any updates containing new features and improvements.

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