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Exact Match Domaination v1.0

Exact Match Domaination v1.0

Exact Match Domaination v1.0

Exact Match ‘Domaination’ The Ultimate Exact Match Domain Name Finder
to help you to dominate micro-niches

This simple piece of software packs a powerful punch.
Find hungry niche markets with low competition and Exact Match Domain names
available, to sky-rocket your Google rankings, overtake your competition
and dominate your niche

Exact Match ‘Domaination’ Software:

“Forget manually cross-checking the Google Keyword Tool, Google Search and your domain registrar to find a quality Exact Match Domain. Exact Match Domaination will do the hard work for you, so you can concentrate on creating money-making websites that sky-rocket to the top of Google.”


What does it do?

This software will find available Exact Match Domains that have low competition and a high search volume. You type a seed keyword and set your filters for competition, Cost Per Click, search volume and domain extension. Then go and buy the EMD’s that meet your specific criteria.

Why EMD’s?

Exact Match Domains are easy to rank in the search engines with no, or minimal backlinking to reach to top. What could be more obvious to Google what your site is about than having a domain name (com,, org, net) that is the exact phrase that somebody is searching for?


Hang on a minute!

Have you heard that since the Google Panda, Penguin and all-the-other-google-animal updates, that Exact Match Domains are worthless?

It’s BS!

That’s right. Utter Rubbish! 

I’ve seen the discussions in several threads on the Warrior Forum and other IM places questioning the value of EMD’s.
I’ve even got my own EMD websites and YES, they took a slight knock, but they still rank well.
They are STILL much better than a miscellanious domain name.


It’s common sense:

All things being equal (number of backlinks, content etc.) what would rank higher for a search for ‘Buy a Car’… or
It’s not rocket science and Google aren’t idiots.
I was doing some work for one of my ‘offline’ clients who wanted to rank for ‘sheffield plumber’ and I came across this results page…


Exact Match Domaination By using the SEO Quake Plugin for Firefox we can see that is the first organic search result, below the Google Places results.
BUT this site has a lower page rank, less links, lower Alexa rank, and generally less ‘kudos’ than the other websites.
In other words, because this site has an EMD, even though everything else about it is allegedly not as good as the competition, it still outranks them all!

Still think Exact Match Domains are dead? Think again.

Yes, they aren’t ‘quite’ as easy to rank as they used to be, but a bit of quality content and a handful  of relevant backlinks and they will outrank other websites any day of the week.

Ok, so now that’s out of the way, let’s look at the software…

Well, the software is not that much to look at…

EMD Screen Shot

There’s not much more to see. It is a simple windows based program.
Any one who can use windows can use this software.

How does it work?
You have to be involved at 5 times during the process (not much effort).

There are 5 steps to finding your EMD’s that each have to be done separately (until we update the sotware).
Step 1 – Keyword Research
Step 2 – Filter the Results
Step 3 – Check Domain Availability
Step 4 – Analyse Competition
Step 5 – Export ResultsHow does it work?
All the software does is replicate what you can manually. Just a whole lot faster and more efficient.
It uses your seed keyword to get keyword ideas from Google Keyword tool, then lets you filter your results based on various criteria, then checks the EMD domain availability.

Is it 100% automated?

No. You have to be involved at 5 times during the process (not much effort).

There are 5 steps to finding your EMD’s that each have to be done separately.
Step 1 – Keyword Research
Step 2 – Filter the Results
Step 3 – Check Domain Availability
Step 4 – Analyse Competition
Step 5 – Export Results

What Domain Name extensions does it search for?
At present we only have the 6 most common extensions available but more may be added if there is the demand for them.
You can search for com,, info, co, net, org.

How can I analyse the competition and what does it mean?
You have 2 options in EMD to analyse the competition;
1) Exact Phrase:
This shows you the number of results in Google when your search term is searched in “quotes”. This tells us the number of pages that Google has found that has our
keyword as a phrase (i.e. all together).
For example if our keyword is ‘buy a red porsche’ then only pages with this exact phrase are shown (around 4,500 pages). If we did this search without the quotes, we
would be shown millions of irrelevant pages that have the single words ‘red’, ‘buy’ and ‘porsche’ anywhere on that page in any order (around 43 million pages).
2) All In Title:
This shows the number of results in Google that have your exact keyword in the title of the web page.
The title of a web page is a strong factor in ranking a web site and gives an indication of the ‘seriousness’ of the competition.
In the previous example we saw how a general search for ‘buy a red porsche’ (without quotes) gave us around 43 million pages in the search results. When we repeat the
search to check how many web pages have that phrase in their page title (by using the search term ‘allintitle:keyword’) we see there are actually only 1,000 web
pages with any combination of those words in their title, and only 1 (YES, 1!!) with that phrase in it’s page title.

What’s with all the CAPTCHA’s?
Google don’t like people using software to scour their search results. Yes, we could have used another source but we still think Google is king and their results are what really matters.
That said, we don’t think it’s too much to ask to enter a few CAPTCHA’s to get the results you want. In the future we plan to automate this but for the time being, you will have to enter a few CAPTCHA’s manually.

Can the results be saved?
Yes. The results can be exported as a CSV file.
The advantage of saving the results as a CSV file are as follows;
* CSV files are pretty much universal and can be opened by a whole range of software
* You can sort, save or merge your results according to different niches
* You can further analyse your results such as adding conditional formatting to highlight certain domains according to your criteria, or apply more filters than you
can do from within the EMD software

Do you show me how to build websites using the EMD’s I find?
No. This software simply finds you the EMD’s. You find a ton of information about building WordPress websites on youTube or thousands of other websites.
That said, we do however, give you several tips when it comes to building your websites and writing content for it.

What do I do with the EMD’s I find?
Buy the EMD’s. We suggest building your website (write a some relevant content and add a few good backlinks), then once it starts to rank either monetise it by adding Adsense or an affiliate or CPA product, or contact local businesses to sell it to them or rent it to them.

Does this work in all niches?
No. You need to think niche or local. It’s too much work to rank an EMD in highly competitive markets but it is still easy to rank them in small niches and local markets.

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