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Extreme Wiki Poster 1.3.4 Crack With Huge Wiki List


Using Extreme Wiki Poster:

  1. Under “Main Menu”, set a unique username and password
  2. Under “Proxies/Sites”, Import proxies if you wish to use, and import your list of Wiki sites (duplicate domains are removed automatically).
  3. Under the Article tab, import your spun article for use when posting to Wiki sites. Make sure your links are included in the article!
  4. Under “Settings”, set your desired captcha settings. You can either skip captcha sites or choose between DeathByCaptcha, CaptchaSniper or manually captcha solving for text type captchas, (math type captchas will be solved automatically).
  5. Set your desired amount of threads to run and click the start button.
  6. Go grab a cup of coffee. You’ve earned it!

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