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FB Graph Search 1.1 Premium – Facebook Data Scraper


– Searching for the viral post, video, pictures, articles, etc.

– Searching for the best selling and trending products in teespring, viralstyle, amazon, etc.

– Looking for peoples who are currently in need of your product with more criteria.

– Searching and building relationships with people who potentially. Potential business partners, distributors, resellers, recruiting a downline, looking for employees, etc.

– Searching for a group that contains people who want your product.

– Searching for pages that liked by target audience.

– Mapping the topic and explore new ideas for your next product.

– Searching and mapping the interest to sharpen or expand the range of ad targeting ads.

– Knowing who your competitors and Dismantling of their marketing strategy on Facebook.

– Scraping user details (id, facebook email, location …) from ids.

– Scraping users from joined to a group, pages or an event …

– Scraping group details (id, name, status joined/unjoin, members …) from ids.

– Scraping page details (id, name, category, email, website, phone …) from ids.

– Scraping users who liked a post, go/went/invited to an event, liked a page …

– There are still dozens of other benefits that you can get …


– Did you knew, Facebook is a giant database? With 1.3 billion users from around the world, 30 billion content in the post every month (photo, video, link …), interact with 900+ million objects (fans page, group, place …).

– Facebook know all thing about you? From the age, gender, occupation, hobbies, interests, and even anything that we talked about on Facebook, all recorded and stored neatly in their database.

– But this makes up into a best Place to Perform RESEARCH.

– Suppose you want selling tshirt. It would be more effective if tshirt design that you sell proven preferred by users of Facebook, right? Or you are planning to market a product on facebook? You want a specific users to know this product? All you need to do is searching for the data and information you need.

– The software help you on “facebook graph search”?

– The data that we get from a particular search, can sharpen our ad targeting capabilities.


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