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FollowingLike 2.1.9 – The Best Social Network Marketing Tools

FollowingLike works with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest now

Now FollowingLike works with facebook, instagram and pinterest. You can run the three sites’ tasks in one software at the same time. And the in the future, we will add more popular sites like Google+, Twitter and Tumblr etc.

And soon, you can create a task to mix different sites’ function to finish a complex task.


Revolutionary Tools For Social Network Marketing!
FollowingLike is a perfect tool to run thousands of social network accounts(facebook, instagram and pinterest etc.) at the same time 24/7 to auto-follow, unfollow, follow back, like, unlike, pin, comment, share, add friends and send messages etc. You can combine basic function modules to any complex task to execute any job you want automatically, and the software can simulate human operation perfectly to avoid your account to get suspended!

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