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FPlus Share 4.2


  • Facebook message to group : Automatic postings, images Website link up the entire group, on the walls friends.
  • Share article : AutoShare all signed, photo album, video, event, webiste link … on the entire group, the walls friends.
  • Published on Pages : Automatic posting and sharing articles on the list page by keyword or ID found from the graph search.
  • Send a message : Automatically send messages to all members of the group.
  • Automatically post to head up comments : Automatic comment and post to head up the group.
  • Avoid block : The software automatically stop when warned of Facebook spam.
  • Search Graph Search : Search for target customers in a variety of conditions UID output to spam messages.
  • Search Page and Group : Search page and contain your target group have a member like page or group.
  • Spam comment on articles in Pages & Groups : Spam comments with pictures or links to new articles published in the pages or groups.
  • Joins : Find groups by keyword and automatically join the group found.
  • Invite to Group : Automatically invite a friend to all of your team.
  • Automatically send a friend invitation : Automatically send a friend invitation series suggested by facebook.

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