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Se-sniper-1.5-crackedAs you may know, people are always trying to do different things, onsite and offsite to “trick” the search engines into giving them top rankings.

You’ve probably read reports, articles or courses that tell you all kinds of tricks that will improve your rankings.

These “tricks” usually do nothing more than either get your banned or, at best, work for a very short period of time.

Actually I’ve tried all the tricks, and alot of tricks that I came up with on my own. Some failed, some worked, and some absolutely kicked ass and landed me on page #1, and in most cases, #1.

What’s this trick I figured out? Well I won’t divulge too much information, and have imitators popping up everywhere. But I had a piece of seo software developed that did it all for me, all in one tidy app, all on autopilot.


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