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Google Organic Seach Bot 4.0


 Features and Working Steps

    Open Google Search ► Type Your Keywords

  Find Your Site on all pages ► Visit The Site and Stay there for time specified once Found

  Stay & Click Internal Pages ► Reduce Bounce By visit Various page for time you specified

  Act Like Humans, Human behaviour integrated like Page scrolling etc.

  After Each Visit auto Change IP, Mac, User agent,Os, Browser, Network, Country, Clean history,

  Move to Next Keyword in the list after changing HMA IP address automatically.

 Click Random Website on Every page of Google Search before it visit your site, But increases bounce rate of your competitors, coz it just go and come back so increases bounce visits.


Features Not found anywhere

  Integrated HMA PRO, Highly Recommended Works Auto Boot When Required.

  Auto Change IP Address once a Visit is completed                                                            

 60+ Useragent to make your Visit come From Different OS, System, Browsers.

 Random Time Pause Between Searches to make visit come at different Times

 Non Stopable Now This Bot Works Sleepless :)

 All Visits Valided and Verified By Google Analytics and Statcounter or anyother traffic analysis tools

 Different Time settings for different Sites Set Your Own Time differently for every keyword or website.

 Android, blackbery, Bada OS Integrated* Coming Soon

 Scheduling Random Search Puase Time in Minutes, Bot will go in pause mode for the time you specified in settings in minutes


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