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Heated Adidas Bot 8.1

The most advanced and successful Adidas Bot on the market. Supports all Adidas releases including Yeezys, NMDs, Ultra Boost and more. Hundreds of Yeezys copped and counting…

Supports Adidas USA(, Adidas UK(, Adidas Canada(, France( and Yeezy Season 1


  1. Yeezy Season Shop Support:: This Bot supports
  2. Multithreaded Application: This bot is multithreaded and performs all actions outside of a browser in it’s own application. This bot utilizes http so it is much faster and more effective than any chrome extension or browser plug in. This bot does not take the time to load all graphics on a page, instead only the necessary information is processed instantly all within the application. This bot is not a chrome browser extension, it does not run through the Adidas site API, thus it does not need to load unnecessary elements of the page during the copping process – making this bot much more efficient, quick and successful. The processor in this browser is very quick and efficient, making the process easy.
  3. Unlimited Profiles + Tasks: Run unlimited accounts all at once for any/all items you desire all simultaneously for the same and/or different releases. Enter as many Adidas accounts and tasks into the bot all at once, then run the bot simultaneously to cop unlimited pairs of any release of your choosing(including Yeezys). No accounts are needed, this bot uses guest checkout and/or checkout with account.
  4. Backdoor Carting (ATC): Heated Adidas Bot includes backdoor support. This means that the bot can add your desired item to cart via the backend of the Adidas site. Backdoor ATC takes you directly to cart, instead of waiting on the splash/product page. Backdoor ATC works on all non-recaptcha item.
  5. Keyword Finder: Simply enter your keyword that corresponds to the item you desire and start the bot, the bot will then search and monitor the site for your item and instantly open the page of the item once it’s live.
  6. Auto Add to Cart (Front end carting) [with Reattempt]: This Bot automatically adds shoes to cart on adidas(Auto ATC works for shoes only; supports sizes 5-18). This works on all men’s shoes on with the standard format(direct product links only). If unsuccessful on the first attempt, this bot will continue to attempt to ATC. You may use front end ATC or backdoor ATC.
  7. Auto Checkout: This Bot will automatically complete the checkout process on Auto checkout includes autofilling all pages of checkout, automatically navigating through the checkout process and automatically submitting order. Auto checkout will automatically submit order if you desire. Entire process is automatic. This works for all items, not just shoes. Auto checkout feature is compatible with credit/debit card. Paypal is not compatible.
  8. Reattempt: If unsuccessful on the first try, this bot will continuously attempt to checkout and place your order(s) automatically until successful.
  9. International Support: This Bot Supports Adidas USA(, Adidas UK(, Adidas Canada( AND Adidas France(
  10. Mac and PC Support: This bot supports Mac and PC computers.
  11. Unlimited Usage: This Bot can be used for any/all releases on all sites in the future. No recurring fee for future releases. Buy once, use forever.

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