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The Problem

  • You spend many hours constructing your super spun document and you want to make some changes to it at a later date, wading through all that syntax is almost impossible.
  • Traditional spinning techniques using the industry standard {|} deliminators are difficult and complex to read.
  • You want to make amendments to your document, perhaps add some additional paragraphs in order to keep your super spun document ‘current’, you take one look at the massive spin construct and decide against it.
  • Creating a traditional ‘super spun’ document in the first place is hard on the eyes and takes for ever to get right.
  • You make mistakes with your syntax and get spin errors rendering your work useless unless you trawl through the syntax trying to find the problem.
  • You cannot buy ‘off the shelf’ super spun content for your particular niche (purchasing spun documents is generally limited to ‘broad niches’ only)
  • Google now demands the utmost ‘quality’ for your backlinking efforts and creating your own ‘unique’ content to support your websites is now the only way to higher website rankings and financial success.
There Must Be a Better Way?

The Hybrid Spinner makes use of a entirely new way way to create highly unique spun documents. No longer do you have to wade through reams of nasty syntax to create your documents for later publication.

Why Use Spinning?

If you are in the internet marketing space you will know that Google demands quality, unique content particularly since the latest round of algorithm updates. Finding the level of quality unique content for your backlinking efforts has always been one of the most difficult aspects of creating an effective backlinking campaign.

For years people made use of scraped and duplicated content in order to place contextual backlinks. This technique no longer carries the power that it once did and for those looking to rank well in the search engines, unique and high quality content that can be used again and again is the only way forward.

How Does the Hybrid Spinner Spinner Help Me?

Traditionally you would spend many hours creating a spun document which included word replacement on both the word and paragraph level. It would look something like this;

traditional spun document example

There are many issues with creating a document like this (as outlined above) but one of the main issues is that altering this document to include updated sentences and/or paragraphs is practically impossible even using the industry leading The Best Spinner program. You spend the time creating this huge construct and once used, you allow it to gather dust on your hard drive never to be used again…..wouldn’t it be a much better use of your time to be able to ‘update’ this document simply and easily and therefore prolonging its uniqueness for many thousands of publications?

Generate Highly Unique Articles

Even after 500 spins the uniqueness of this article (with just 6 sentence rewrites and no word level spinning) continues to be 89-90% unique from the next!

The Hybrid Spinner Makes This Possible!

The technology used within the Hybrid Spinner makes it a breeze to create and update huge spun documents. The way we accomplish this is through the use of tokens to separate your spin text allowing you to ‘see’ what you are doing and importantly, easily see where you can add more sentences and paragraphs when ever you like.

It is important to stress that the final output remains the same (i.e. your output from the Hybrid Spinner will include traditional spin syntax {|}), we are simply creating a ‘master’ document which feeds into the Hybrid Spinner that can easily be updated and is never subjected to confusing and difficult to read syntax.

How Does it Work?

Hyrbid Spinner Syntax

It’s Simple – lets take a look at an example;

  • Open a .txt file (we use Notepad2 – its free!) and begin writing your sentences, one per line.
  • Include as many versions of the sentence as you like, we recommend a min of 6 unique versions.
  • Include a “#NP#” under the final sentence in the paragraph (preceded by a “#S#”) to tell the Hybrid Spinner you are at the end of the paragraph (remember your collection of sentences make up a paragraph) .
  • Repeat these sentences creating as many paragraphs as you want. You final line should contain a #S# followed by a new line and #NP# tokens.

Take a look at this example in more detail to understand the Hybrid Spinners Syntax.

As you can see from the screenshot here, updating and visually ‘seeing’ your document is much, much, easier than traditional spinning methods. If you want to add sentences you simply create a new line and add them!

There are just 3 tokens the Hybrid Spinner Makes Use of;

  1. #S# Denotes the ‘end’ of a particular sentence.
  2. #NP# Denotes a ‘new paragraph’ is required.
  3. #KP# Denotes you wish to ‘Lock’ this collection of sentences in place.

Once you create your first document in this manner you next step is to input this into the Hybrid Spinner (HBS) application.

Features of the Hybrid Spinner (HBS)

HBS has a number of prime functions to enable you to create ‘Super Spun’ highly unique documents.

  • Unique ability to ‘see’ your document, make changes, add sentences, paragraphs as you see fit.
  • The ability to randomize ALL paragraphs within your document.
  • The option to ‘lock’ in place the 1st and last paragraphs (this is for occasions when your spun document has an introduction and concluding paragraph that you want to keep in its position but allow everything in between to be randomized).
  • The option to retain the positions of ALL paragraphs (using the #KP# token at the end of each paragraph section you wish to retain in place).
  • The option to generate randomized sentence and paragraph output for your entire document.
  • HBS is integrated with the Best Spinner (registration required) allowing you to automatically draw upon the use of the amazingly large and top quality synonyms database further uniquifying your document.
  • The option to control how many sentence and paragraph variations are output to super spun spintax (further randomizing your document).
  • The Hybrid Spinner also allows you to insert word level replacement within your syntax within the main ‘pre spin’ window if desired i.e ( {this word|that word}) further uniquifying your output (or you can also enable the Best Spinner to do this automatically upon output!).
  • Create super spun documents in spin syntax ( {|} ) or output any number of articles resulting from your original super spun document.
  • Easily import from file and save your output to file.

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