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Keyword Advantage 1.0.22

Instantly Unearth High Traffic, Untapped, Real Buyer Keywords With The Most Powerful Keyword Tool You’ll Ever Need!


Keyword Advantage only targets the keywords that have traffic, low competition and real buyer intent…


Every day, I see people making the same keyword research mistakes:

Mistake #1: Targeting keywords with the highest search volume

The problem is that these keywords are often the most competitive. It can take months – even years – to get to page 1 of Google for these keywords… and it takes serious effort to hold your spot if you ever get there.

Mistake #2: Targeting “long tail” keywords

Sure, these keywords might have very low competition, but they don’t have any search volume either.

This means you’ll need to rank for hundreds – even thousands – of these keywords if you want any real traffic volume.

Do you really want to monitor hundreds of keywords each day?


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