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Keyword Ignition 1.5

New Adobe Air software leverages FIVE different search engines auto-suggest feature to help your subscribers dig deep into their niches and markets for MAXIMUM PROFITS.

Using Keyword Ignition your subscribers will discover Amazon’s top product searches, Hot and trending Video topics from YouTube, and the traffic sucking questions their audience is asking right now. Uncovers hundreds of long tail keywords with just a couple of clicks.


Keyword Ignition is premium keyword research tool that will help content marketers find topics for blog posts, videos, product reviews that people are really searching for using Google’s massive auto-complete database. (Plus Bing, Yahoo and YouTube all in one tool!)

Plus, skim the hottest products from Amazon for your affiliate sites, local seo, and effortlessly unearth the long-tail questions people are searching for.

Using Keyword Ignition your subscribers will:

  • Use our one click canned searches to effortlessly brainstorm niche content ideas
  • Harvest hundreds of top quality long tail keywords at the click of a button
  • Discover the questions people are asking about your niche to make grabbing targeted traffic a breeze
  • Discover the most popular Amazon product searches to maximize affiliate profit

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