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Kindle Samurai 2.0 2016

How To Sell Thousands Of Books By Forcing Amazon To Sell For You

You have to remember that making money with Kindle is simply making money in the publishing industry. And NOBODY makes money in the publishing industry by speculation.

The best selling authors are treating the self publishing world like a business. Sometimes before they even sit down to write a book they are analyzing the Kindle market for:

High traffic keywords within the Amazon Kindle website that guarantee tons of eyeballs will reach their books.

Keywords that have low competition. There is no need to be writing books in over saturated keywords where your book is going to sink into oblivion as just another book. The bestselling authors on Kindle are big fish in little ponds. And they replicate this success over and over again – because they know how to rank for those markets in page one.

Guaranteed profits. The bestselling publishers on Kindle ONLY optimize their listings for keywords and niches that have a guaranteed for success. How do they know they will have success? They lookat other books’ rankings. The better the rankings of the books in the page, the greater their chance of success.

Competition analysis. Smart Kindle marketers analyze their competition in the first page of Kindle before publishing a book. They find out how many reviews their competition has. How many stars their competition is getting, when they published, what price they are selling their books for etc.


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