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LFE is the tool that allows you to harness the power of social media platforms such as WordPress MU (or WP 3.0 multisite) and Pligg to build a vast link farm. Open-source and wide-spread, those platforms allow you to get quality links on thousands of unique domains in unlimited quantities. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay a thing or do any manual labor to do that. You can have an endlessly diverse link farm providing links to all of your sites — WhiteHat or BlackHat alike.

Pick Any of the 9697+ WPMU & Pligg Hosts to Put Your Links on.
As of today (February 2nd, 2011), we have 2233 WPMU and 7464 Pligg hosts in our database. And new ones are being added every day.

* Our host harvester scans thousands of hosts every day and weeds out all the trash so you won’t find unaccessible hosts, hosts from the same domain, hosts with closed or limited registration and, of course, no duplicates.
* Every host in our database is on a different domain and most of them have a unique IP address.
* And if you want some highly targeted links, use our built-in SERP scraper to automatically find hosts related to your niche. It’s just like using a regular search engine, only that you don’t have to scan results for working hosts yourself — LFE does it all for you in the background.

Fill out Registration Forms Without Ever Seeing Them.
If you ever tried to set up a lot of WordPress blogs or register accounts on bookmarking services, then you know how tedious that is. Especially when there is a captcha in the way. And around 38.51% of all WPMU and 84.95% of all Pligg hosts have CAPTCHAs.

* New WPMU blogs are being created without a hitch — it’s as easy as entering a list of your future blog titles.
* To put some links on Pligg hosts, you don’t even have to create new user accounts yourself, LFE takes care of it in the background as needed.
* LFE will automatically go through all registration steps and fill out the forms for you.
* It will also generate human-readable e-mail addresses and automatically “click” e-mail verification links for every blog or Pligg account you create with LFE.
* After new blogs have been set up, the script will automatically enable remote access to them (XMLRPC), pick a custom template, delete the “Hello world!” post and empty the blogroll (so all the “link juice” will be yours :-).

Don’t Be a Captcha-Entering Drone.

* With LFE you receive access to our captcha-breaking service with 90-95% accuracy.
* Our captcha-breaking service does not care whether it’s reCaptcha or just plain numbers — as long as it’s a JPEG image with letters and digits in it, it will be cracked.
* This means your account creation will be fully automated.
* You won’t even see a single captcha anymore — they are all found and filled out for you.
* You get more than 3000 prepaid captchas with LFE. Anything over that will cost you just $0.0015 per captcha. To put this into perspective — you’ll get 1000 WPMU blogs just for $1.5.
* With LFE you can also easily bypass both WPMU’s and Pligg’s security questions.

Post to Blogs, Submit News Stories and Comment En Masse.
With LFE you get a visual and HTML post editor, closely resembling the one from WordPress dashboard, but with a few notable improvements for mass posting.

* Content spinning. With industry-wide standard format for article spinning (e.g. “{one phrase|other {subphrase|another subphrase}phrase}”), so you don’t have to look too far to find writers for your custom articles.
* Extensible content generation engine with a [YACG]-like hook system.
* With one click you can add content from associated content, flickr or a relevant blog.
* Preview generated content right in the posting screen.
* Post tagging and categorization support — tags can be automatically generated based on your post content, or spinned randomly from a predefined list.
* Automatic pinging after each post.

Easily Manage Your Link Farm.
LFE presents you with a clean, streamlined interface, optimized for managing large site networks. If you’ve ever seen other linkbuilding solutions, you will appreciate LFE’s simplicity.

* Easy blogroll management.
* Fast search across you entire blog and host databases.
* You can login into any of your WPMU blogs with one click. No need to memorize or copy/paste logins and passwords.
* You can even add and manage your existing WordPress blogs (WPMU or not) with LFE.
* You’re in control — you can easily export your data in .CSV format (supported by Microsoft Excel and many others) at any time.
* Automatic daily backups will keep your data safe.
* Full proxy support (socks and password-protected proxies too).

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