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Here What Magic Article Rewriter Crack Will Do For You…

  • Increase web traffic – With article marketing, visitors can constantly come to your website.
  • Achieve massive publicity
  • Build your list of targeted prospects that want to hear from you right now
  • Boost your reputation, credibility, and name recognition
  • Gain link popularity & Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.
  • Create affiliate relationships and JV partnerships with highly influential web publishers.

To use the software, first take one of your articles and input it into the program. Activate the spinning tool and then select the text you would like to spin. The software then shows you possible synonyms to choose from to use as a variation for the selected text. Magic Article Rewriter has a built in database of over 30,000 synoynms which makes it super simple to come up with alternate variations.

You can select as many synonyms as you want, and they will be inserted back into your article in spun format. Using the spinning tool, you can go through your entire article and transform it in the proper spinning format.

What I like most about Magic Article Rewriter Crack though is the token feature. Basically it allows you to save your preferred set of synonyms together as tokens. For example, lets say you save the set of synonyms {picking|choosing|discovering} as a token. With a click of a button, the software will replace all the tokens you have saved with their associated variations. So in my example, any instance of the word picking, choosing, or discovering will be replaced by {picking|choosing|discovering}.

As you use the software more and more, you will start to build up a large database of tokens, which makes spinning your articles that much faster. This is the killer feature of Magic Article Rewriter crack that other article rewriters can’t match.

One of the best uses for the Magic Article Rewriter Crack is to prepare your article to be submitted to other Article Submission services like Unique Article Wizard, Article Marketing Automation, or even Alexander’s own Magic Article Submitter software.

About Our Magic Article Rewriter Crack

Our Magic Article Rewriter Crack is a fully functional version, and includes the latest token datbase. End your spinning days now with the easy to use Magic Article Rewriter Crack

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