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Release date: 01.09.2013 – The day the change is Instagram!


They want in a short time a lot of real Likes & Followers on Instagram, and WITHOUT any effort? 
Then maxagram is made ​​for you! 
Instagram The bot of maxasoft helps them in just a few days to a successful Instagram account by going through certain functions other user attention to your profile and makes them so a lot of new followers & Liker brings!functions:

  • Like
  • Comment
  • Follow / Unfollow
  • Super Like
  • HotLoop

In the following, we will explain each function in more detail. 


This function is relatively fast and simple to explain, the bot just liket the photos from the specified tags. Although it is unlikely that the user whose picture you have geliket in this way, you will be aware of and visited your profile, but due to the high number of Likes you will also get new users as quickly and thus liker or follower on their profile. 


The Comment feature is almost the same as the Like function only with the small but important difference that the images are not geliket but commented. The comments for this you can enter yourself or import from a. Txt file. The enscheidende advantage of a comment is that the user feels directly addressed and probably developed an interest in learning more about the creator of the comment. So it is very likely that the user visits your profile & if liket a picture of her or follows you. 

Follow / Unfollow:

The follow function is also looking for pictures of the tags and follows the users who posted the pictures. This function is one of the Most Effective as demonstrated in a test run. 1,000 people followed here almost 300 back, even though the account was new and only a few images were available. For a completely empty account without pictures and profile picture, even of 1000 users still followed whopping 120 users back. 
Unfollow The function is the opposite of the follow function, because the users here unfollowt the bot again. Here one can determine the approach of the bots that he invariably either all users which follows you, unfollowt, or just those who do not follow back to oneself. 

Super Like:

Like the super-function based on the Like function only with the crucial difference that per user not only an image is geliket, but several (the number of Likes per user you are free to choose). Thus the user gets the impression that one is interested in his style and his account of himself, and is not simply just stumbled through a day on one of his paintings. Therefore, this feature is very effective. 


The HotLoop function is an automation Follow / Unfollow, the bot follows people and after a certain period of time (free selectable), the subscription to the people removed. The advantage is that the user is not heard that one follows them not at all more, but it will still appear to them thanks to Instagram with news that you follow them.Thus their account an excessive subscription Counter is spared, which promotes the overall picture. 

Bot for yourself:


  • The bot is very fast (up to 1500 actions per hour).
  • A particular system prevents duplication (user or photos)
  • All updates are free (Autoupdater)
  • The tags that make the bot relates the IDs, and the comments for the Comment feature, you can enter yourself (be saved or loaded)



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