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Analyzing what the top 10 ranking sites are doing and then optimizing your own has been a little known technique SEO service providers have used for years.

It’s called reverse engineering and there is no better way of knowing exactly what is required for a page 1 Google Ranking.

It’s Important to reverse engineer both Onsite and Offsite factors.


You will now know exactly what the top 10 ranking sites are doing both onsite and offsite and know exactly why Google is ranking them and be in a position to do exactly the same.

So when wanting to optimize for a certain keyword instead of leaving your rankings to chance. Just have a peak at what Google is already ranking in the top 10. This way you can be 100% sure that your doing things the way Google wants you to .

It makes sense right?  Just analyse what Google is already ranking and then do the same

But doing this manually has always taken some time.


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