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PinDemon 1.17


PinDemon is your #1 choice when it comes to automating your marketing tasks on Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Has NEVER Been Easier, All Thanks To This Incredible Multi-Threaded Tool!

This Revolutionary All-In-One Pinterest-Marketing Suite Is Guaranteed To Boost Your Profits!


What “Pin Demon” Can Do For You?


  • Easily manage your Pinterest accounts with the Account Manager feature. You can import accounts from .txt files, select/unselect, delete, and create groups for your accounts.
  • PinDemon supports both public and private proxies. You can import, export, select, remove, check, rotate, test, and even prevent your accounts from using duplicate proxies.
  • Quickly check the status of your Pinterest accounts with the “Account Statistics” module. It will show the total number of accounts, how many actions each account has made, how many users each account is following, how many followers each account has, whether or not the account has been terminated, and much, MUCH more!
  • Follow/Unfollow module: Follow people from search results, from a list of users specified in a txt file, from other users available, or from a popular board. This module also lets you automatically unfollow people who are not following you back.
  • Image Uploader module: Automatically populate your Pinterest accounts with images by drip-feeding your photos to them. Just set the time intervals to specify how long the bot should wait before uploading the next image, set your specifications, and press start.
  • Scraper module: Instantly locate targeted users, targeted boards, and targeted pins by scraping from pinners, boards, and pins – all with just the push of a button.
  • Like module: This module lets you instantly build mass amounts of likes to your pins. Simply enter the URLs that you want to increase the likes for, select the accounts you want to use, and press start.
  • Commenter module: This module lets you instantly post mass amounts of comments to pins. Just enter the URL of the pin to comment on, select the accounts that you want to comment, and press start.
    NOTE: For this module to function properly your accounts MUST be email-verified.
  • Re-Pinner module: This module lets you use your accounts to mass repin your favorite content.
  • Mass Promoter module: This module combines the power of the Liker module, Commenter module, and the Re-Pinner module, all in one. Simply choose the accounts that you want to mass promote, set your search parameters, choose which actions the accounts should perform and press start.
    Your accounts will continuously search for your keywords in pins and then automatically Like, Comment, and Re-Pin the content that matches your specifications. This module allows you to filter by pins, boards, and popular content.
    This module can also be used to promote both photos and/or videos.
    NOTE: In order for the comment function of the Mass Promoter module to work properly, your accounts MUST be email-verified.
  • Profile Editor module: This module lets you change the profiles AND the avatars of your accounts, with the push of a button. Simply load up your accounts, select your image folder, your “About Me” text file, your “Website/Home Page” text file, and then press start.
  • Account Creator module: This module allows you to create unlimited amounts of Pinterest accounts, all with just the push of a button. Once the account creation process has finished, the software will automatically verify the email for every single account for you.
  • Board Creator module: This module lets you automatically create new boards for your accounts with the push of a button.
    NOTE: Boards are required in order for certain functions of the software to work, such as re-pinning. For this reason, we recommend that you run this module on all of your accounts before performing any other tasks with them.
  • Pin Demon is a multi-threaded bot, which makes this program extremely fast. You can run unlimited tasks AND unlimited instances of the software, all at the same time, without ever having to worry about it crashing.
  • Captcha Solving support. This software is integrated to work with Captcha Solving services, such as,, and


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