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With over a billion people using social media, if your business isn’t social then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to connect with your customer base. And if you’re a marketer, you’re losing out on a goldmine of targeted trafficlinks and sales. Specifically through Pinterest Marketing. Why? Research shows that Pinterest is now the third largest social media platform and brings in more sales and traffic than any of other big networks (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc).


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So, although, most businesses are utilizing social media, they aren’t doing it properly. Instead, they pay some hack of a social media consultant $50,000 a year to manage their social media campaigns and attempt to increase user engagement. When I first started I found it all too confusing. Signing up to all the networks, actively trying to find and post valuable content to illicit responses from users, and then on top of that trying to build links and not ‘make a mess of things’. It’s incredibly powerful if done right, but utterly useless if done incorrectly.

You see, after 8 years of online marketing and business development, I have learned a lot. The heights and the pitfalls, the successes and the failures, and how easy it actually is to make money online with the right frameworks. That’s right, easy! Simple, quick and affordable.  I have that framework, and I want to make you part of the powerful group.

PinPioneer – Pinterest Marketing Software

“Unlimited Content for ANY Niche, SEO’d, Linked & Uploaded Automatically To Your Pinterest Account” 

To maintain any kind of social media presence, whether it’s from a marketing standpoint or a business standpoint, you need content. Something your users can engage with. Until now, acquiring this content was either time consuming, expensive or both. PinPioneer is a proprietary application and training course developed by Software Syndicate makers of other popular apps – Answer Assault, Torrentator, Answer Swipe etc.

As shown in the video above its main purpose is to create links, conversions and natural growth through Pinterest. No spam. No mass liking and mass re-pinning in the hope of reciprocation. Instead with the fastest technology available, PinPioneer grabs a plethora of content under your niche, lets you SEO and tag it accordingly, and then uploads it to your Pinterest account (amongst others). One click.

  • Socket Based System – The fastest pinning system in the world (1000 pins per hour)
  • Automatic Board Creation
  • Automate everything! Schedule likes, follows, comments and repins. Set and let it run!
  • Easy to link Pinterest with Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, automatically
  • Multi-account management
  • Automatic Watermarking. Bulk watermark your images then upload them to Pinterest
  • Spintax (never post the same message twice in a row, automatic spinning)
  • Replace Pinterest source URL with your own
  • Auto following/unfollowing based on keywords/people/boards etc.
  • Set and forget with Scheduling options.
  • Mass liking support
  • Extensive exporting options (URLs, titles, images..)
  • Pinterest account rotation support
  • No monthly fees!
  • Lifetime support with free updates
  • Extensive usage guide with video tutorials
  • And much much more

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