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PTCS 1.4.4 (Scrapebox Alternative)

Professional Trackback and Comment Submitter (PTCS)

Solid botworks PTCS is a powerful software for professional SEO workers. The software is designed to eliminate as much tedious work as possible and to give the highest possible success rate independent of the computer and internet connection. Professional Trackback and Comment Submitter has the ability to give you thousands and thousands of verified back links to your sites within a short amount of time. Professional Trackback and Comment Submitter is the most powerful software on the market within its niche.


Key features.

High-speed posting

PTCS is optimized to post as fast as possible with as high success rate possible. PTCS do not just remove tedious tasks but is also faster than most of our competitors. Beside trackbacks PTCS also support high-speed commenting on WordPress platform. We dare to say that PTCS is more than twice as fast as competing software. This is because of a unique feature built in that analyzes and stores specific form data for commenting. PTCS also has the feature to work with mixed lists which enables you to have both trackback and comment urls in the same list and don’t need to worry about the platforms at all

Powerfull Scraper

As you run your projects you might need to refill your lists with new AA entries. PTCS contains a scraper which automatically fetches urls from Google based on your chosen keywords. PTCS also has the option to AA test the urls directly with different urls and anchors based on if PTCS finds the link in your blacklist or not. After the test it directly sorts the AA found into your specified lists and cleans out bad urls. For the creative one you can use this function to create back links to sites and lists based on niches in a short amount of time.

Automatic Link Check

When you work with tools there is often a separate process to link check after you have made your postings. For a professional this is a tedious and annoying task eliminated in Professional Trackback and Comment Submitter. PTCS do the link check in the same thread as posting which will reduce the time consumed drastically.

Bandwidth Saver

Professional Trackback and Comment Submitter saves your bandwidth as much as possible. With the support for Gzip and Deflate compression which is normal standard for Webpage transfers on internet. PTCS will save up to as much as 70% of the bandwidth.

Project Criteria

As a professional worker you deal with many different sizes of projects. Most tools require the user to keep an eye on the projects while it’s running or to keep your AA lists up to date with the exact amount of links to be posted. All this to meet the requirements of the project. Most of the time users also has to make some posts and then do a link check separately which can end up in a restart of posting and re-link check all again. With PTCS you will not only get a link check meanwhile submitting but you can also set the requirements for your project. With simple words you can have a list of 500k URLs and make PTCS stop when 10k is posted and verified.

Automatic List Handling

It is a nightmare for professionals of link building that lists will get outdated and stop working. PTCS has a built in list handler that keeps track of failures in your lists. Until now most software lets you dribble with tons of text files and soon you feel lost in which list is containing what. With PTCS you manage your lists inside the software and import all your external lists and sets a number of how many fails each URL should have at max before it’s automatically removed. This will keep your list fast and up-to-date and you will for sure minimize your time consumed extremely.

Blacklist Filtering

Many times your orders require you to not post into different niches, this can be gambling and sex for example. With the built in system for blacklist filtering you can with ease filter away URLs that contains blacklisted words. You also have the ability to save those URL into a separate list which will let you take orders in those special niches as well.

Detailed Report

When a project is finished you will get a detailed report divided into two parts. The summary and the details. The summary shows how many back links each of your posted URLs got each with its own anchor. The detail goes over each posted link and shows the exact URL where to find the specified back link. You are also able to brand the reports and include your name or company name in the report automatically. PTCS also have the ability to snapshot itself upon completing a poster project. This means you can take a screenshot of PTCS and bundle it with the report. For this to work you don’t need PTCS to be in focus. You can even have PTCS minimized. As an option you can set PTCS to bundle the report and screenshot into a zip file.

Proxy Support

Within PTCS you can mange different groups of proxies and can easily switch between different groups for different projects. With extensive link building you might need to use proxy to avoid different traps. PTCS supports the use of http proxies with and without username / password. You can also test your proxies functionality and speed within PTCS and are able to input different sources from where PTCS can grab proxies automatically.


PTCS supports multithreading with unlimited number of threads. In this way you can adjust your threading just as you want it based on proxies and machine capacity.

And alot more…

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