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Rank Whizz


Today, we’re giving you the first shot at a revolutionary new software…that will get your money-sites ranking quicker and easier than you ever dreamed possible.


And we’re giving you it all for a very special price…lower than it will ever sell for again, guaranteed.  This deal is not to be missed.

It’s like FREE advertising.
Get a constant stream of traffic to your website for years to come.
Get access to the millions who visit these sites daily.
Take advantage of some of the most popular destinations on the web…and cash in.
Get free backlinks from authority sites that Google still loves…and watch your rankings soar.
Free updates and support with your purchase.
And do it all at the push of a button.

Of course you could spend hours writing the content yourself, converting it to pdf’s, signing up for dozens of document sharing sites, managing your profiles, etc, etc, etc.

Or you could outsource the work…and have to pay  someone every time you want more traffic and a boost to your rankings.

But what if there was a better way…a way to pay only once for a powerful tool that would do all that for you automatically…anytime you needed…

Rank Whizz




Here’s how this revolutionary new software works.Rank Whizz is a fully automatic document submitter that is designed to do one thing:  bring a constant stream of TRAFFIC to your website as easily as possible.It does this by submitting quality content to all of the most popular document sharing websites (20 at the moment, and this list will grow with future updates, which you’ll get for FREE.)The key here is that it only submits quality documents, ensuring that your links stay up for the long term.This auto PDF submitter has three modes of operation,  depending on whether you have your own content you want to work with, or if you want Rank Whizz to find quality content for you.
Automatically Fetch and Post Article. In this mode, the software will obtain an article from the web. Once that is done, the software will then convert the article to PDF format and submit it to the supported websites.   Fast, easy, done.
You can also enable the built-in Auto Text Spinner to generate unique content automatically (no need for 3rd party spinning software).That means at the push of a button the software will obtain an existing article, spin it,  convert it to a pdf, then submit the new article to the appropriate websites.
Create a Document. The software includes a full text editor, allowing you to create and customize your own documents to submit.  Again, you’ll be able to get everything done using only one program:  writing, editing, converting to pdf, and submitting.
Open Files from Local Computer. In this mode, you can add as many files as you want from your local computer to the software. The software will then select a document at random and submit it to the appropriate supporting websites.


With Rank Whizz,  you can select the run-time for a project, including an option to set a delay between projects (drip feeds). You can also adjust it accordingly for a one-time use.The software includes an Profile Manager  that allows you to quickly create profiles for the all the top document sharing websites. The software supports multiple profiles and will randomly select profiles for submitting documents to the supported sites.
Also included is a feature that will allow you to automatically create dedicated email accounts to maintain your privacy while using the software.For document submissions, this software uses sockets and has full proxy support with a proxy tester.

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