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Search & Click Commando At A Glance!

  • Super Simple
  • 2015 Strategy That Works!
  • Fast Results!
  • Uses Proxies
  • Multi Threaded
  • Increases YouTube Views!
  • Can Search For Multiple Keywords
  • Choose How Many Views
  • Increases Views In Real Time

New Tool¬†Searches For Your Video On Google Search Results, Clicks Through & Watches The Video Which Increases Your Rankings…

Step 1

Add YouTube URL & Targeted Keywords

Step 2

Automatically Searches for your video on google search, finds video and clicks through

Step 3

Automatically watches between 65% to 100% of the video to stay completely natural but still high retention

Keyword Volume Calculator

Set multiple views sensibly and in line with your keywords search volumes!

It Doesn’t Take Much

Only needs around 40 views on average to be highly effective!

Use It Consistantly!

Drip Feed & Auto Scheduling To Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaniously

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