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Scrapes Url’s from ALL Search Engines Fast!

Ideal for tools like Xrumer, Autopligg, WordPressautomator and many more that need feeding target urls.

  • Black Hat`s can find linkspam targets
  • Domainers can trim to root level
  • SEO`s can find PR rich link partners
  • Sellers Can find affiliate partners

This search engine scraping tool is perfect for harvesting lists of url`s from multiple search engines for use with your link spamming tools such as “powered by pligg” , “powered by vbulletin” or “powered by wordpress“.

The quality and size of your url lists ripped with serpscraper will give you a distinct advantage over your competitiors..


Serpscraper was coded with the scrapping patterns for the search engines in XML.
The Xml files are in a folder and unlike most desktop tools they are fully accessible for you to edit.
Some tools if not most need to wait for the developer to update them but what happens if the developer is away on holiday or they are no longer interested?
No problems with anything because serpscraper is a user editable tool that just needs a bit of regex to rip anything.

  • Find loads of URL’s for any given footprint

  • Can use Proxies (private or not)

  • Mass Page Rank checker included

  • Sort, Trim, Filter Url lists

  • Very fast mass 404 checker

  • Verify URL lists and check Sites for strings and footprints (eg: web page must contain the string “Comments Welcome”)

  • .TLD Filter (eg:only accept .com,.org,.net)

    The user guide in 6 simple to follow steps:

1. Feed SerpScraper your own targeted wordlist or use the included 50,000+ wordlist
2. Select your engine
3. Add a proxy list if you want
4. Insert your footprints (or select from a predefined file)
5. Click Start to harvest url’s!
6. Sit back and watch the URL’s spill onto your desktop by the thousands, with precision, link harvesting at its best

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