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Sick Agent 1.49

Why Sick Agent ?

Unlimited Links – Sick Agent won’t stop until you tell him to

With Sick Agent’s built in link discovery system you will never have to find link targets to submit your site to again. Give your Agent a few keywords to work with and he will relentlessly search for and submit to related targets 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Agent is not like the the VA’s you are used to hiring who require breaks and time to rest, he won’t stop until you tell him to.

Your Agent also takes orders very well, and listens when you tell him you require aminimum PR for you links, specific platforms those links should come from, and if he should build tiers to hide your footprints.


Sick Agent Features:


Fast Submits

Agent quickly finds and submits to sites by running multiple threads and multiple projects at once

Unlimited Links

Unlimited Links

No breaks, No lunches, No bathroom… Agent works around the clock to decimate your competitors


Crowd-Sourced Link Targets

Anyone can build and share Agent templates using the easy to learn .sic language. Your targets are no longer shared, and are unique to your site.


Super Easy to Use

Your Agent can start building links in an little as 5 minutes!


Tier Your Links

Your Agent can tier your links for you up to 4 Levels deep.


You’re in Control

You can tell Agent to only find targets that fit in your parameters using Keywords, Page Rank, Platform type and Tiers


No Set Sites

Since Agent uses your keywords along with your parameter selections there is no set database of sites, every persons targets are different


Low Cost Solution

Agent is a one payment solution with a lifetime license and lifetime updates
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Unlimited Links – Agent won’t stop until you tell him to
  • Automated Link Discovery
  • No Set Database of Sites
  • Fast Submits – Multiple Threads per Project
  • Crowd-Sourced Link Targets
  • Multiple Tiers
  • Semi-Automated Email Creation
  • Sick Captcha Solver Integration
  • Captcha Sniper Integration
  • Support for Decpatcher and DeathbyCatcha
  • Auto Harvesting and Testing of Public Proxies or use your own Private Proxies
  • Automatically Pings the Search Engine’s after creating a link

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