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Social Lead Freak 4.0.2

Social Lead Freak Makes A
Wonderful Secret Agent & Discovers Great
Content To Curate

Tap into trends while they’re still on the up-and-up, and not while they’re fading from popularity.

Capitalize on a hot topic by relating it to your business, and boom, more exposure.

Curate popular posts on FB or your favorite Google+ Activities that Social Lead Freak finds and enjoy more traffic and added SEO benefits.

You essentially have all of the “buzz” softwares in one.


Notice, you’ll need no website, no domain and hosting, none of that stuff… You’ll have everything you need to drive leads, traffic, and close clients, right inside Social Lead Freak.

In fact…


One Good Tool Can (And Should)
Do A Lot For you.
  • Most Valuable Leads:Social Lead Freak extracts 5-star leads from Facebook and Google+ by searching through posts, pages, people, places, events, experiences, and groups in snap-of-the-fingers fashion
  • Cheapest Clicks:Target these leads via FB ads and welcome yourself to the world of one-cent clicks.
  • Easiest Closes:Reach out and directly interact with hot leads, and use your Closing Strategy bonus to land new clients.
  • Best Insider:Discover emerging trends so you’re an early adopter who gets maximum exposure.
  • Freshest Content:Find great content you can curate for your own website.

I’ll even go so far as to say that you’ve been waiting for exactly this…

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