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Post Syndication
Not only does SocialBacklinker Pro post your content as and when it’s published,  it will also post your older content at random intervals to different sites.

Use multiple accounts (hundreds or even thousands) to create deep links to your content. Each account has its own controls. You decide what is posted to  where, and how often.

RSS Posting
Provide SocialBacklinker Pro with a list of RSS feeds and activate RSS backlinking on a per-account basis. Turn any of the supported sites into your own personal autoblogs!

Content Spinning
Create multiple preset templates  for each network. Enable spinning on all accounts or selected individual accounts. Use nested spintax and custom tags to create your content.

You can even auto-spin your content selectively using The Best Spinner.

Add as many proxies as you like, or load proxies from a text file on another server – maintain a central proxy list from one place; all your SocialBacklinker Pro installations can share one list.

Content fuzzing
Post related content to your accounts. Make the accounts look more human instead of just posting content that links back to your own sites. Avoid the ban hammer!

Multisite aware
Push settings and accounts to selected sites in your WordPress Network. Completely replace accounts or append them to existing accounts, with all post settings intact.

Supported networks


  Newsvine blogs

  Newsvine seeds

  Self-hosted WordPress
















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