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Socialbot v5.0



  • SocialBot Features

    RSS Monitoring for Automatic Submission

    Social Bot monitors your feeds, Facebook, WordPress, etc. Once a change is detected the program will submit it for you with no intervention from your side.

  • SocialBot Features

    Auto Fill Company Profiles with Random Names, Usernames and Passwords

    You don’t even have to create your own user names and passwords, Social Bot will randomly create them for you, that way you can create multiple profiles faster.

  • SocialBot Features

    Import Pages from RSS Feeds

    Insert a feed URL and the program will import all the pages in that feed so you can decide what to send and where to send it to.

  • SocialBot Features

    Decaptcher for Pligg and Scuttle Sites at the Signup Process

    To make the account creation process faster and less annoying.

  • SocialBot Features

    Supports Popular Social Bookmarking Services

    Diigo, Facebook, Google, Multiply, Yahoo, MySpace, StumbleUpon, etc many popular services to submit to.

  • SocialBot Features

    Spider Your Websites Automatically

    Insert you site’s top level URL and the program will get all the pages it has like making a sitemap. You can add exclusions if needed.

  • SocialBot Features

    Automatic Account Creation For Pligg and Scuttle Sites

    Select your user name and password, search for a fresh list of Pligg Sites and create the accounts in automatic.

  • SocialBot Features

    Support For Jet Spinner Syntax

    This is a very cool feature, a very simple way to diversify the value of your content. We also use this option in the account creation process like this: {name1|name2|name3|name4}, it always help to makes this look and the program will randomly create accounts with those names natural.

  • SocialBot Features

    Supports Multiple Company And Account Profiles

    For more than one reason, either personal or for your business, it always help to have the ability to have multiple accounts.

  • SocialBot Features

    Comprehensive Submission Reporting System

    Full reports either in PDF or Excel for the submissions you made.

  • SocialBot Features

    Supports Unlimited Proxy Servers

    In plain English, you can make it look like you are submitting from more than one location.

  • SocialBot Features

    Fully Threaded Submission For Speed

    You can increase the number of simultaneous submissions or threads to increase the speed of the whole submission process.

  • SocialBot Features

    Automatic Service Updates

    Once and update is released, the program will notify you and automatically update the services it has.


How SocialBot Works For You

SocialBot V5.0 is a Windows Program that’s easy to use and performs all of the mundane tasks that are involved in Social Bookmarking.

In a nutshell, you enter a domain, SocialBot V5.0 spiders it and builds a list of web pages to bookmark and then it submits them to the Social Networking services you’ve got accounts with. At the present time, we support many of the most popular Social Bookmarking Services as well as Pligg and Scuttle sites.

We first saw the opportunity and need for an automated Social Bookmarking tool over five years ago and SocialBot was the result. We’ve continued development of it over the years to keep pace with changes in Social Bookmarking technology.


SocialBot Benefits

Automated. Efficient. Fast.

The beauty of Social Bookmarking lies in how Social Networking sites aggregate your links in a central location, accessible to other users through the use of Tags (keywords) that you decide are appropriate and not a search engine! Others in your community may rate your pages based on it’s quality and usefulness, which can create an endless cycle of traffic.

Social Bookmarking also provides a way for you to add FREE back links to your web pages that are eagerly crawled and picked up on by major search engines, which will lead to higher PR than ever before!

And now, with the release of V5.0, if you’re submitting sites under Pen Names, SocialBot allows you to create separate Profiles to submit to alternate accounts on the Social Bookmarking services!


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