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Discover How Soundcloud Manager Increases YOUR Followers And Gets People Listening To And Discussing YOUR Music!

Increase Your Exposure In Targeted Genres, Gain New Fans, Increase Your Track Plays And Have New Conversations On The Road To Rock Stardom… AUTOMATICALLY


Interested? then read on…

Dear Artist,

Are you in a band?, a budding DJ, a vocalist or session musician trying to make it in the music industry? or just get your music heard?

I will assume you have heard about and probably have an account on Soundcloud, the #1 music sharing and connection creating social network on the internet. However, are you aware that artists both signed and unsigned, with big and small fanbases are depending on Soundcloud for their marketing exposure? Not to mention the major and independent record labels are actively scouting new Soundcloud talent to sign up?

Why Is Soundcloud So Important?

Let’s take a look at the Main Benefits of how Soundcloud can increase your fanbase, get your name out there and create industry connections, helping you to clinche that record deal.

Benefits Of Being Active On SOUNDCLOUD

  • Direct access to fans within your genre
  • Access to promoters
  • Access to the record companies
  • Access to established artists
  • Communicate in fan groups
  • Easily distribute your music to fans
  • Share your music with potential fans

If you are not aware of how to best utilize Soundcloud, let me tell you a few secrets on how to increase your exposure…

  • The more followers you have, the greater the reach of your tracks and your “updates”.
  • The more groups you join and discussions you have, the more people see your name and check out your profile and listen to your tracks.
  • The more people and groups you share your tracks with, the more people listen to your music and join in your conversations.
  • The more people you have conservations with, the more networks you create.
  • The more networks you create, the more gigs and record deals to get.

Once you are able to combine these steps the number of fans you have and your popularity soars


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