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Adding new sites to your copy of SEnuke is now as simple as pressing a button with our Spetsnaz Link Tool. You will need to either be a Defcon 3 subscriber or use our free SEnuke Bonus offer to use this tool.

The additional sites are updated with additional new sites at least every 2 weeks and a full retest is done at least once each month on all existing sites in the list. We test using 3 different machines and a success on any one machine is enough for it to be included in our list. We see a variation of about 15% between machines, as each one runs a different configuration of AV and OS, so do not expect to get 100% of all sites every time.

In addition we run our tests with our Spetsnaz Configuration first, however failed sites are then retested using a different human captcha solving service. The two we use are ImageTypers and DeathByCaptcha, results between the two are always different. Each test machine runs between 50 and 100 proxies, and proxifier is always used even when only testing with paid captcha solving services.

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