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SpinnerChief4 9.1.1


  • Only we have the Revolutionary Thesaurus Exchange System that provides you with high-quality thesauruses created by experts , for foreign languages and specialist niches.
  • We also have the CloudThesaurus that is created and evolved based on the operational patterns of users. OurArtificial Intelligence arithmetic will always present you with the best synonym.
  • Part Of Speech POS matching identifies the context of words. The POS engine can work out if a synonym is a noun, a verb, an adjective etc. By matching the Part of Speech of a synonym to its original word, you can achieve gramatically and contextually correct articles!
  • Custom/Cloud Grammar A.I. This is not an usual grammar checker, it is a revolutionary way to correct your grammar when spin article for getting more readable spun articles. You can use your custom grammar A.I. Or use the Cloud A.I. generated by all users.
  • Custom/Cloud Rules – Cloud Rules is a supplementary to POS function. This function can select better synonyms by analyse the related words in the sentence. This will help you to generate more readable article definitely and the rules are created by users and it is getting better and better.
  • Custom/Cloud Negs – Cloud Negs is another revolutionary way invented by us for removing bad synonyms. The cloud negs database is base on all users’ select/input too. Using this function, program will use better synonyms to spin your article.
  • A lot of creative functions to help you write the really high-quality articles fast, and search-engine friendly.
  • The Standard version is free – and UNLIMITED – for all users. Upgrade only if and when you choose to. Additionally the standard version is better than other paid softwares.
  • It is a desktop application, so it runs fast and efficient and provides you with some fantastic functions that a web program can’t do because of web technology limitations.
  • It is not just an article spinner, SpinnerChief can scrape articles from many sources, it can also scrape images and videos to mix into your articles automatically, plus it can submit articles to many blogs and article directories. It is a genuinely revolutionary content auto-generation solution.
  • Receives frequent updates with continuing development and enhancements.
  • We provide first class support for both free and paid users and we always listen to our users’ feedback.
Spinnerchief includes an impressive array of features: (We update/upgrade our softwares very often, so not all features are listed here. For all functions, you can check the Update Log in the software.)
  • All the basic functions of a normal article spinner.
  • Thesaurus is saved locally, so the speed is very fast.
  • Paragraph/Sentence edit mode, you can rewrite paragraphs/sentences easily.
  • Import synonyms from text files – multiple formats supported.
  • Batch-spin articles. Spin large numbers of articles automatically.
  • Submit article(s) to over 10 blog platforms and many article directories directly from SpinnerChief.
  • Export articles with other syntax formats like [|] [/] %\% and so on.
  • Favorites function – Add/Manage your favorite synonyms thesaurus based on your own categories and niches.
  • Quick Preview – Easily preview the spun article and quickly locate the position you want to modify.
  • Developer API – Now, programmers can integrate SpinnerChief functions into their own programs.
  • Protect important keywords words in spun articles.
  • Auto-add anchor text links in spun articles.
  • “Uniqueness” percentage indicator.
  • Batch-compare articles similarity function.
  • Free updates forever. We update our software often and you can always get the newest version by using the auto-update.
  • And many, many more functions not listed here…
  • Part Of Speech/Cloud Rules/Cloud Grammar A.I./Cloud Negs All of these functions make the program more clever and select much better synonyms automatically to spin your article.
  • Project create/save/load. Save all of the SpinnerChief feature settings as a project – load the project thesaurus automatically. No more having to go through all the settings and set them to your preferences before you start to work – load up your project and you’re away!
  • SEO Task. This function is super powerful. With it you are able to create a “scrape spin and submit” task, (article, image, video), you can run the task at any time with one click OR set it to run interval automatically (timed, scheduled submissions). You can also can insert you own html code such as your adsense code in the article. It is your 24/7 traffic and money making machine. Perfect for auto blogging!
  • Article scrape. Choose any one of our carefully selected sources and scrape articles based on your keywords, then import them straight in to SpinnerChief ready to start spinning!
  • Image scrape. Get images base on your keywords and insert them into your articles automatically.
  • Video scrape. Get videos based on your keywords and insert them into your articles automatically.
  • Copyscape plugin. Enter your Copyscape ID and api and check any article straight from SpinnerChief.
  • Content Hurricane plugin. This awesome tool (see is now integrated as a plugin for SpinnerChief PRO! All included in the SpinnerChief PRO licence fee!
  • Html Spin. Import full web pages, protect the html code when you spin, easily edit the html code, add and spin images – great for creating simple spun web pages and blog posts.
  • SEO Writing. Keyword Density Count – check the density of your project keywords, and add any more keywords that you want to check.

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