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Targeted Lead Finder 3.0

“A Simple Software Solution That Creates Highly Targeted Custom Audiences For Facebook Advertising …  In Just 5½ Minutes… Or Less!”

A Software Solution That Really Works

  • Dedicated Development Team. I have worked hand-in-hand with some of the best programmers and developers in the Facebook App Development World to bring this solution together. I’ve been building and selling software online for 10 years now. Rest assured I only release rock-solid solutions.
  • Quality Support. A quality Product & A dedicated Support Team Means Many Happy Customers.
  • 100% Safe & Fully Compliant with Facebook’s TOS. We are not going to get banned by Facebook.

You need to have Targeted Lead Finder At Your Side If You:

  • Want to sell more products and services online
  • Want to reach more of the right people
  • Need to increase your conversion rates, … and get more subscribers.


… And you really DON’T need this if you:

  • Already have more money and sales than you could ever want…
  • If you have a ready stream of subscribers begging to join your list..
  • If people email… call… and hound you relentlessly… for your next offer.
  • Or finally, if you are just plain lazy.


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