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Thunder Mailer Pro 1.2 – Mass Emailing Tool


Why Thunder Mailer

Thunder Mailer offers you a great way to create awesome email marketing campaigns and an effective way to monitor the end results. Some of Thunder Mailer’s key features include:

  • Easy to setup and user-friendly to use

    Use the “Quick Start” wizard to start quickly! Otherwise, you use user friendly big toolbars to guide you.

  • Create and save unlimited email campaigns

    Import mailing lists into the software’s repository, remove duplicates and suspicious emails easily. Save them to re-use in future campaigns. Create and save unlimited email messages.

  • Send unlimited emails

    The only limitation you have is from your SMTP server. Do note that some SMTP Servers limits the number of emails you sent out within a time frame. We recommendSendGridfor those requiring higher email volume and frequency.

  • Preview and test easily

    Preview your personalized emails before sending them. You can also test your emails at the click of a button. By doing these, you get to see how the text, graphics and colors would look in your recipients’ email client. As such, you can always fine-tune the email before mass sending them.

  • Compatible with any SMTP servers

    Flexible enough to adapt to any standard SMTP Servers. This means that you can use any SMTP Servers regardless of whether they are free or paid. All you need is valid access. You can also use Direct Send if you have an established domain and dedicated IP address with good reputation.

  • Personalized emails

    The Data Merge feature lets you easily personalize your emails. You can use a personalize greeting and bye message, for example. You can merge any column you have in your mailing list into your email.

  • WYSIWYG Message Editor

    Thunder Mailer provides hassle-free email creation and editing. You also get to use either HTML email or plain text email.

  • Reliable

    Thunder Mailer has undergone extensive testing to ensure that it works in varies situations.

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