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Tube Linkwheel Commando 1.01


Tube Linkwheel Commando


This software will create linkwheels between YouTube channels that you choose to upload to. It will add the money url to the description of every channel uploaded to as well as last url from previous upload. So for example if you choose to upload to 5 channels then the first upload will only have a link to the money url in the description, the 2nd upload will link to money url and upload number one etc.

This tool works well if using proxies and will create internal YouTube links to your money url.

Personally I use another YouTube video for my money url but have had success with squeeze pages too.

You can save projects (or campaigns if you prefer that word) and you can also save settings in the video upload section too.

  1. The first field you need to fill in is the money url, this is the url that will be added to description for every video uploaded to your channels in the linkwheel. You can use any url here but I use it mainly for a YouTube video that I want to rank.
  2. In the video to upload section click on the green add button and fill in the fields for title, description, category and tags and choose video to upload by clicking on the blue square box which will then help you find the video from your computer to upload. The first video you choose will go to the first channel in your profile. The second video will go to your second profile etc. so you need to make profile to have either one video going to all (not recommended) or one video to each channel which is much better although more time consuming. If doing one video per channel you need to make sure you have the same amount of channels in the profile you choose to use as the number of videos that you will be uploading.
  3. Next you need to go to section underneath the video upload section where it says “Uploading Channels” and choose the profile to use for your linkwheel from the drop down menu OR you can add one channel at a time by clicking on the green arrow button.
  4. Click start uploading videos (its the blue button just under the video upload section) and it will open the upload result tab which is a progress that shows the upload status.
  5. In the 3rd tab at the top named Upload logs you will see results after uploading has finished

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