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Feature List:


** PC & Mac Versions Available

Analyzes All Youtube Videos on Google’s 1st Page For Any Keyword or Phrase, And Gives Metrics and Recommendations

  • Exact or Broad Keyword Search
  • Google Suggestions Keywords
  • Youtube Suggestions Keywords
  • Total Number of Competing Search Results on Google
  • Total Number of Competing Search Results on Youtube
  • Number of Youtube Videos in Top 10 of Google Results
  • How Many Global Searches per Month For Keyword in Google
  • How Many Local Searches per Month For Keyword in Google Local
  • How Many Advertizer Ads on 1st Page of Google – tells you if keyword is a “money keyword”
  • Calculates TN Factor And Gives Metric – tells you if it is a good keyword to go after
  • Google Trends

If there are Youtube videos in the search results, each video will have the following stats:

  • Ranking Position of Youtube Video on Google’s 1st Page
  • Youtube URL Path
  • Is Keyword in Title? Yes/No
  • Is Keyword in Description? Yes/No
  • How Many Likes For Video
  • How Many Dislikes For Video
  • How Many Favorites
  • Total Count Rated Video
  • Number of Video Views
  • Keywords of Video
  • Description of Video
  • Title of Video
  • Upload Date
  • Update Date
  • # of Comments
  • MozRank – quality and quantity of backlinks
  • Total # of Backlinks
  • # of Internal Links (from same domain ie. Youtube)
  • Page Authority – trust rank, mozRank, many other factors
  • You can Filter Columns
  • You can Download Data to CSV or Clipboard
  • Private Proxy Support

Automatically Calculates The “TN Factor”
= Tube Niche Factor

The TN Factor takes Google’s searches per month (from Google’s Free Keyword Tool) and divides this by the Total Youtube Search Results
The Higher The ‘TN Factor’ The Better the Keyword To Go After.


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