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Tweet Attacks Pro III 6.2.2

The New Best Twitter Tool for Instant Traffic and Money!

Everyone knows that Twitter is so good to Get Traffic and Sell Products to Make Money. What we only need is a good tool to help us to automate our work and do the large-scale operating, so that we can make more money!

The Old TweetAttacks was the best Twitter too, but it has been banned by Twitter. Now the New TweetAttacksPro comes out, It is much better than the old one and will never got banned. So if you know how great the twitter is for traffic and money, you should  Grab this Baby Now!


Account(s) Manager

Manage accounts by category, show all account details, very clear!

The Account Manager is very clear to save your accounts by category or campaign, you can see all  important details of the accounts in one table – very clear! And when you select accounts to run task, you can only select one category or multi-category acccounts to run the task, this will help you manage your campaign with accounts very well.

The main functions in the account manager form are add account category,  add account,import accounts, export accounts, delete accounts, check the details of selected acccounts, bind proxy with account and account register.

Account Register!

Multi-Threads Account Register – Fast! Bind Register Proxy – Safe!

The Account Register is very fast because it can register with multi-threads. And the best part is that you can save the register proxy with the created account, and then program can use the bind proxy with the account later when run any task. This will make your account very safe and avoid twitter to ban your account because they found you are using different ip/proxy to login one same account.



Bind Proxy!

More security and avoid to ban

Bind Proxy is the function to let you bind accounts with pointed proxies and later program will use this proxy with this acccount all the time. This will make your account much safe. Twitter doens’t want to see you are in USA now and then your are in England after 1 min.

You can set every account use a different proxy, you also can set every 2 or X accounts to use one same proxy. It also can use the traditional proxy rotate way to use a different proxy everytime when account login. It is very smart, all is up to your settings.



Friend(s) Manager!

Following people so easy!

Friends Manager allows you to create any amount following tasks base on the keyword, and program will auto-searchthese people and follow them. You can set the amount you want to follow everytime and you also can select which accounts to follow. You can run the tasks at anytime and any times. All following results will be saved and shown very clearly.





Powerful Tweet Functions, Get Traffic even if you don’t have followers

The Tweet function let you create any amount tweet tasks, all tasks can run at the same time, can run at anytime and can run any times.  You can set one tweet message for whole task or you can set different tweet message for every account, you also can usespinnerchief api to spin your tweet messsage automatically, so that there is no duplicate message sent. And the tweet task can stop automatically after run some time, and also can run all the time, all is up to your settings.The best part of tweet task is that you can use “@mention” function in your tweet message, program will search people automatically base on your keyword, so these people will still get your messsage even they are not following you.TwitterAttacksPro also save the details of the running of the tasks, you can check the results and statistics very clearly!


Realtime Watch, Realtime ReTweet!

ReTweet allows your to create unlimit ReTweet tasks to make your accounts looks very active. Program can batch-ReTweet the searched tweets base on your keywords, also can watch the new tweets realtime and retweet them at once. You can select which accounts to retweet and how many tweets every account retweet.  The statistics is very clear to show you the details and results of the tasks running.





Batch-Reply, RealTime Watch, RealTime Reply and RealTime Traffic!

Reply can bring  you instant traffic very soon. It can watch the tweets realtime base on your keywords and reply them at the first time. You also can search tweets to reply in batch and You can set one reply message for whole task, or set different reply message for every account. All reply can be spun usingspinnerchief API, so that your reply will be not duplicate.  The best part of reply task is that you can use “@mention” function in your reply message, program will search people automatically base on your keywords, so these people will still get your messsage even they are not following you. You can select which accounts to reply and how many reply per account post, very smart and powerful. The all-sided run log and statistics will show you the results very clearly.

Direct Message!

Batch-send private message to all your followers!

Direct message allows you to batch-send private message to all your followers. You can select which accounts to send message and using the spun message.





Content Manager!

Manage all messages, contents, tweets, comments etc… at one place.

Conntent Manager is the place youadd/edit/manage your frequently-used message, tweets, comments etc…You can manage them by category and import/use these content when you create task.




Proxy, Captcha Solving And SpinnerChief API

Settings is the place you can set threads amount, timeout,proxy, captcha solving solution and spinnerchief api. You also can go to the support forum and send us email there.

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