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Tweetspice – All In One Twitter Marketing Tool

Benefits of the Software…

I could spend hours and hours telling you about all the great benefits TweetSpice come with, but I prefer to let you discover them when you have your hands on it.

TweetSpice Traffic Software

TweetSpice Manages everything in your Twitter accounts period. It has been the result of getting over 100,000+ Twitter followers giving them value and in return making lots of money.

Complete Twitter Automation…
  • Saves Time To Engage your audience, While The Program Handles Mundane Part for you automatically
  • Help you make more money on autopilot, just the way you like it
  • Automated Twitter Management Software
  • Works Your Twitter Profile or Profiles Like A Human Being. No Need To Pay
  • Employees or Freelancers To Maintain Your Profiles.
  • Auto Tweet RSS Feeds From Any Source, Even Your Own Blog Updates
  • Follow People From Another User’s List
  • Help you generate more of the type of followers you want
  • Automatically Follow Twitter Users, Complete Control Over How TS Follows
  • Automatically Posts Your Tweets Naturally
  • Automatically Reply To Anyone That Tweets @you
  • All Tweets Show Up As Posted “via web” For A Human Look, NOT “via api”
  • Manage, Analyses, and Control Multiple Twitter Profiles from One Screen TS
  • Runs Multiple Profiles At The Same Time
  • Black-List Who You Do No Want To Follow, White-List Who You Do Not Want To Unfollow
  • Automated Tweets post throughout the day
  • Help you build laser targeted list
  • Post Tweets to Facebook as well (coming soon…)
  • Unique Tweet Generator – creates unique tweets automatically (coming soon…)

TweetSpice Software Helps new and seasoned Internet users automate their content distribution and to build-up of followers on Twitter very easily.

It is very simple software easy to use but does a lot of hard work for you under the hood.

It can be used to drive Traffic to Your website and also Website owners can use it to help build a list or to generate leads on auto pilot.

TweetSpice is a powerful Social Media & Marketing tool, it consists of over twenty separate modules and lots of other features & benefits:

  • Unlimited Twitter Accounts;
  • Anti-Blocking & Anti-Spam Account Feature;
  • Mimic Human Activity By Random Posting;
  • “Set It And Forget It” Feature;
  • Automation – Turn on Automatic Features;
  • AUTO-PILOT Mode – Let it Run for Weeks On End;
  • RSS Feed Posting To Keep Your Time Line With Fresh Content;
  • Mentions and Replying to Your Messages;
  • Following Target People or Audience;
  • Un-following Unwanted People;
  • Welcome Messages Sent The Minute Someone Follows You – Optionally;
  • ReTweet Feature By Other Accounts To Improve Your Profile;
  • Tweet Your Message At a Very Specific Day or Event, Like on Christmas Day, New  Year’s Day, Birthdays etc.;
  • Tweets – One Offs;
  • Scheduled Tweets Way Into The Future;
  • Direct Messages Management & Deletion;
  • Scheduled Following;
  • Target Following By Using Keywords;
  • Language Filtering e.g. English Only;
  • Find and Reply To Messages in Your Timeline Automatically;
  • Task Queue – Tells You What Is Happening Behind The Scenes, very fascinating what the program does for you.
  • Fantastic Support System & Team – This Bring You Peace Of Mind!
  • Lifetime Updates for the Product Lifecycle


Marketing Dashboard Tools
TweetSpice goes beyond amazing management (which it has) to give you a PRO ACTIVE marketing tools. Get out there and start conversations, follow people, brand yourself and shout “I’m Here, and I want to Take Social Media By Storm!”
Multiple Profiles
When we looked at other Twitter business services, the first thing we noticed is the confusion in the choices of accounts and limits. Businesses often have many personas, so we give the ability to add multiple Twitter profiles and Facebook accounts.



Automatic RSS Tweets
For Maximum Exposure! Import your blog feed directly into TweetSpice! You can use any valid RSS feed that is XML compatible.Post automatically with a Prefix & Suffix!
Smart Following & Un-following Algorithm (user controlled)
Keep control of your account! Carefully crafted by our Software Engineers, we offer a way to find highly targeted followers, and un-follow those who aren’t enriching your account.



Reply Campaigns
Now this is something we’re really excited about at TweetSpice. This is afeature we built from the ground up – It allows you to find users in your niche and start conversations, and it’s completely user controlled to maintain the highest quality!
Twitter Management
No other Twitter business software has a comprehensive management side. See your friends timelines, replies/mentions, easily manage and delete direct messages, search and more!



Post To All
Have more than one Twitter Account? Facebook Profile? Fan Pages? You can post to all with one simple click! Harness the power of one-click broadcasting and get a surge of traffic!
Unlimited Team Members
Introducing Team Members – No confusing pricing per user – just simply create as many users as you like and give permission to the accounts you want them to see. Perfect for managing multiple businesses!



Scheduled To Twitter 
When it comes to business, we know you’ve got better things to do than Tweeting and posting to Facebook all day. That’s why we created “Scheduled Updates,” a way you can accurately schedule as many updates as you like.
Automatic Direct Messages
Automatically send a welcome message to any new follower. Put in as many rotating messages as you can come up with and make sure people know who you are!



Brand Management
Monitor your brand across platforms, and pro-actively engage with current and potential customers.
Free Updates
We listen to our customers, that’s how we were able to create this product. Without you this product couldn’t exist, and to say thank you we will be continually supporting and upgrading this product for all licensed users!


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