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TwtDominator 5.5.01

TwtDominator v1.0.0.7
“TwtDominator is here to automate all your twitter tasks.”

Using TwtDominator to market your products or send people to your blogs is just like shooting fish in a barrel. Marketing your products or services on the Internet will get a new dimension.

● Account Creator
● Profile Manager
● Follower
● Tweet
● Account Checker
● Unfollower
● Wait & Reply



Account Creator 

In order to create the Accounts, we need to upload the Names, User Name, and Email ids with passwords. After uploading these details, it will go to web browser and will start creating the accounts. In fact we can see the progress in Logs section. We need to provide the captcher, if it asks.

Profile Manager 

In order to build Profile Manager, click on second tab (Profile Manager), this will allow us to select pics folder, from where the images need to be displayed in profile. Next to that, we need to select profile folder which contains profile related data in text file format. These details will be used for each twitter account.


In order to Follow Accounts, we need to fill the user code from which name of user’s you want to follow or which name of user’s follower you want to follow. Set the Number of threads and click start to start follow process. We can see the progress in Logs section.


There are following three different feature includes in this module:

(a) Tweet : Tweet feature can do tweet with message       file.

(b) Re Tweet : Re Tweet feature can do re tweet with       specific keyword.

(c) Wait and Reply : Wait and Reply can help to
reply with interval (delay in seconds).

Account Checker 

This feature can help to check twitter account status that account is active or not.


This feature can do un follow users which we don’t want to follow. Also we can un follow users who don’t follow us.

Wait & reply 

This feature can create intervals between two processes. We just need to fill intervals in minutes then software will automatically stop for the period of time which we fill in intervals after selection of Tweet OR Re Tweet fields (any one which we want to do) and before press “Start Tweeting” OR “Start Re Tweeting” OR “Start Replying”.


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