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uberBlogCreator will create accounts for you, update blog titles, upload blog descriptions, and even upload blog articles for you …
All with a single click!


  • Ability to create hundreds of blogs on, Squidoo, Blogger, and Tumblr platforms with a click of a button
  • Ability to upload hundreds of articles to the created blogs with a click of a button, including HTML elements
  • Private/public proxy support with automatic proxy rotation and a built-in proxy checker tool
  • User-Agent rotation, leaving minimal footprints on the server indistinguishable from a real user – fake different browsers but also different operating systems
  • DeathByCaptcha implementation – truly automate the process by not even having to input captchas manually
  • Custom blog titles – have the blog name (URL) be one, but the blog title be a whole different thing (good for SEO)
  • Blog Description upload to blogs (also good for SEO)
  • Automatic email activation – never bother manually clicking all the activation links yourself! uberBlogCreator will do that for you.
  • Separate account creation with only one email – uberBlogCreator will use the supplied email to create hundreds of different accounts, all unrelated to each other
  • Spintax support! – Don’t upload the same article to all blogs, make them all different! You can also Spintax the blog title!
  • Ability to upload any HTML element (including pictures, videos…)

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