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Vault Scraper 1.0.24

Vault Scraper

Everyone knows that one of the most powerful link building exercises you can undertake is to build your own private blog network. High quality links from clean, trusted domains is THE number 1 way to rank your site in search engines.

But building your PBN is not as simple as buying an expired domain, you also have to fill it with relevant content and make it look legit.


Enter Vault Scraper:

Vault Scraper is designed with one purpose in mind – resurrecting expired domains using the content held by That means you can build PBN sites that are the same as before they expired. It pulls all available files to your local drive for easy editing and uploading to your PBN host. PBN experts have been using this technique for ages, but only now is it publically available to all at an affordable price.

Stop building PBNs on WordPress or other common CMSs and leaving all sorts of footprints.

Stop paying for content.


Why Use Vault Scraper?

*No content management footprint
*No paying for content to fill your PBN domain
*No hassle of installing plugins
*The PBN domain looks 100% legit and will pass any manual review
*Easy to use


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