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Niche Finder

Even if you already know which niche you want to use for your video campaign, or if you are out of ideas about what the niche you want to use, the Niche Analyzer is for you.

It will give you suggestions with the hottest niches at the current moment, always up-to-date and it will analyze the competition level, giving you a clear perspective around what topic you want to build your video campaign.

Keyword Research

Personally, I think this is the most powerful tool (at least for me) from Video Marketing Blaster.

As most of you (the ones who did search engine optimization) already know, doing SEO without a proper keyword research tool is like driving a car with your eyes closed… You don’t know what road/keyword you should take, you don’t know how traveled is a road/how many competitors are there, you don’t know the shortest route…

That’s why I’m saying that this module is the most powerful! Because it will tell you exactly which keywords are driving traffic and how hard it is to rank in top position for that keyword…

We can call it also a “Competition Spying Tool” because it will spy on your competition videos and see where is the traffic coming from and which keywords are the ones that are getting the most views to that video.

Video Details Generator

For the ones how don’t know me that well, I have to say … “I’m freaking lazy!” … some of you know me pretty well and they know that if a task can be automated, I would do my best to take it autopilot. That’s why we’ve created this module, to automate the generation of titles/descriptions/tags and export them in a way that they can be imported in Mass Video Blaster or CPA Blaster.

Actually I had such tool for my personal use since we launched CPA Blaster, but it can not be compared to this one… The Video Details Generator will use the data obtained in the Keyword Research tool to generate Titles/Descriptions/Tags that will focus on the best keywords in that niche.

Also there is an option to use your built in templates for your Video Details, for example all of us have a “secret formula” that we use for our descriptions and titles, now with VMB you can add a template based on your formula and generate your titles/descriptions/tags on autopilot.

Video Creator

This module will create perfect videos on autopilot for you. But not simple videos (like Video Spin Blaster does), the videos will have custom transitions, custom text for each frame, custom time for each frame… Pretty cool right

But, that’s not it ( I’m lazy hehehe ), you won’t have to search for images for your videos, you will click one button and you will get the best images for your niche. Don’t worry, you will still be able to add your own images if you want, but why lose 5 minutes searching for images when this part can be automated.

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